28 July 2014


I rarely make collages but Luis' visit truly is worth one so here we go! Pictures don't do any justice for the bunch of emotions undergone during last week but at least you get an idea. 

Every single day we met in front of Zalando at 1 o'clock (sometimes Spanish timing) for a wonderful lunch, planning session for the rest of the day // Often we went to a park close to my office and enjoyed the sun and +30 degrees that we were blessed with for the whole week. We also forgot to make the plans we were supposed to // Nordic party arranged by my dear colleagues. A good night of internationality, new people and nice talks // Deepest conversations definitely took place on Sunday(hangover) by the river, spiced up with the best döner kebabs in town. World seemed the better place again

I think we took more selfies than ever. We also agreed that taking them in public should not be considered awkward or embarrassing anymore. So, this pic means nothing but love // The post of open air cinema you can already find here click. Definitely a summernight must-do with a good friend. I would even consider it for a date if I would ever go for one // We don't confess anything. God bless the student budget! // One more park hang-out, I think that's what we did the most

Hitting the floor with some awesome DJs in Berlin nightlife. I can tell you the clubs were like saunas that night // Beautiful view of Berlin riverside while talking about the meaning of life (or just a good outfit) // After day on the beach. I think this was 101st version of the selfie series but still it feels just as pure as the first one // Absolute quote of the week. I will miss my bra.


  1. Miksi ette ole pari?? Ootte niiiin söpöjä yhdessä!

  2. Hihi voi kiitos! Sitä on joskus mietitty ja naurettu, mutta joskus ystävyys antaa paljon enemmän. Näin on hyvä :)