14 March 2015



Believe it or not - I'm still alive! It seems that the lack of time and inspiration took over me as I landed to Finland couple of months ago. To be honest I cannot promise to go back posting weekly yet but I give you my word to write every now and then about what's going on. My vision is to start writing more towards summer as life gets clearer, weather better and dresses shorter! 

My life in Vaasa has been quite chaotic lately. As I spent two years of my uni time abroad, I have way too many courses to catch up before graduation. So, I squeezed all of them to this spring as a little extra while I'm also writing my Bachelor thesis. On a paper it looked simple and totally doable - now as the days and weeks just fly by bringing deadlines closer, I can tell it's neither. 

However impossible it seems now, I have couple of unbeatable motivators that hell yes take me through these months:

Berlin - Oh god I miss Berlin and its people. Everytime I'm feeling down I just go back to the pics, music and memories of last summer. It's insane how I then thought it was just normal life with couple of extra open airs and brunches and now would sell my organs to dive back to the times of my life. I can truly say I felt more home in my humble room with just a mattress and best flatmates ever than I feel anywhere else, I'm afraid. At least for a while. Why do we always realize the worth of things just when they are gone? Luckily my yearning will be treated soon with a proper dose of Berlin: I will fly 2nd of April and enjoy the city! Still haven't decided my return flight, I feel I need some Berlin now. 

Helsinki - Yes, surprisingly in Finland but still mysteriously calling me. I decided to pack my things again and move to Helsinki in May, though I don't know where and what for. I can tell my dad is so happy to help in my sixth move of the year! I'm on a job-hunt now, would love to continue doing something across marketing/advertising. Most of my friends have ended up in Helsinki and I have a strong feeling that if my destiny is to stay in Finland, it must be there. I miss people, life and city vibes. I want to buy a cool summer bike. Also, I believe it cannot be only one set of "times of my life" per person on this planet. So, I give it a try and wish for the second one soon.
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